diNMachine makes amoebic dance-rock that references the twitchy funk of the no-wave movement, the transcendent and glitchy textures from every era and strain of electronic music, the compositional qualities of classical music, with exotic flourishes from music across the globe.

DnB at its core with elements of noise, motorik, jazz, Afro-pop, post-punk, 60's lounge and salsa, it's like the best, most adventurous alternative radio station you've ever heard (without the commercials).

Composition, synths, keys, guitar: Michael Schumacher
Mastering: Michael Fossenkemper, TurtleTone Studio NYC
Mixed & Produced: Bill Laswell
Release date: 18 February 2014

Minor Me (listen) is a good example of the synthesis of classical, rock, and electronic influence in diNMachine’s music. I asked Michael J. Schumacher, the group’s keyboardist and main composer, how many times he used the melodic theme in “Minor Me”—stretched, inverted, layered, or transposed. He quoted a scene in Godard’s Breathless, in which Jean Seberg, as Patricia, asks the visiting writer Parvulesco, “How many women can a man love in this world?” Counting off all his fingers till there were none left, he smiles and says, “More than that.

The theme, lasting about 10 notes, is based on the whole tone scale, and is woven together in many intricate ways. If you want to dip your toe into one track of the album, I recommend that you start with this one." The Brooklyn Rail - Michael Durek


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