"no similar sounds have ever jarred upon the ear of humanity" –E.A. Poe

The Opposites of Unity

Out Jan. 22nd via Greedy Dilettante Records

 Week in Pop

"The pop music envelopes continue to be pushed by diNMachine on The Opposites of Unity
where composition minded creations roll forth into new forms and self-styled structures
that defy convention and pigeon holing."


"Nu-New York styles of jazz and rhyme rolls forward on “Jabbr Wawky” that exhibits
sounds heard about Sunset Park...and features...verses from Black Saturn that keeps the
cosmic collage firmly grounded together."


"...the 15 minute closing stunner “Fawcett” is the kind of rhythmic, atmospheric roller-
coaster music majors could write a thousand theses on."

Interview exclusive by Goldmine Sacks, IMPOSE Magazine

Premiere of eW.A.F.T. video


1.22.16 diNMachine RELEASES The Opposites of Unity
on Greedy Dilettante Records

Facebook Event  ~  Anthology Film Archives ~  PURCHASE TICKETS HERE


@Union Pool, Le Poisson Rouge, ShapeShifter Lab, Secret Project Robot, Pianos...

Dance to Reason

Available on    

 Week in Pop Interview, July, 31, 2015

"Inside World Music says, "the electronic trip-hop concoctions of New York's
diNMachine are industrial, innovative, instrumental, and ingenious."
Inside World Music


"It's hard to pigeonhold this disc or fit it neatly into one genre. Above all,
the album is imaginative, full of surprises and anything but bland and stale.
And 10 full listens later, it's still on my iPod."
Brooklyn Rail


"Brooklyn is home to legions of unusual bands, but few quite like the mostly
instrumental and experimental art-rock of diNMachine."
New Noise Magazine




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